Hop Scotch

Right in front of our office there are these people who live on the streets. Poor, neglected and often hated. It was not so long when the office building owners tried to remove them from there. But still, they're there. of course not under a roof anymore. they're all gone!

They live there on the street. with their kids, parents and their loved ones. they cook, they eat, they sleep, they make love. and they've got more kids. and quite soon even they'll have kids!

But what made me write this post here is something else. I saw those kids playing. Not some game but the famous Hop Scotch!

I wonder who taught them this? They didn't invent this game for sure. There was somebody to teach them... some body! and that somebody learned it from somewhere else.

Somebody who had the means to have a better childhood at some point in time. may be years back. may be decades. or may be ages!

and then they played. they loved the game. they loved each other. they made love! to and beyond...

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