the invisibles

I don't know why do i feel like writing about them all the time! May be because I see them everyday, every time I step into the streets of mumbai I see them. Sleeping, begging, searching for scrap which might fetch them some food at the end of the day. But seldom did I try to rememebr their faces. At least untill now. They were just another species. Homostreetians -- human beings who live on the streets.

But this idea of remembering faces was not a decision. It just happned. And these things happen when we start living with a routine. Wakeup>gotooffice>sitinsideoffice>comeback>sleep and repeat this mantra everyday.

Now I rememebr some of their faces. That old man who sits at the extremely busy overbridge ramp at the 'CurreyRoad' station. that blind --beautiful if bathed-- young woman who sits on the steps of ghatkopar station (she was laughing at the sounds of two drunk people's fight yesterday) Those kids who come and ask for money infront of Lower Parel station. And they're almost invisible for all the people who stand in a queue for the sharing taxis. invisible kids. ugly-looking if visible.

Now, about what made me write this story. I was at 'Ghatkopar' station standing in the queue for tickets. And there was this really old woman standing next to the counter begging each one who left the counter. She stood there like an automated mannequin that we see inside shop windows; moving her arm repeatedly as the motor inside her revolved. she looked sad. Cursing about something else while she begged mechanically. Life goes on. She stood there as if she was crying without tears. an old lady. very old. may be she doesn't have any more tears to roll out.

she just stood there... invisible.


  1. Hey.. felt something very similar when I'd roamed around outside the main gate last sem. Mohanty asked me to do that as part of a small photography assgt.. I'd written something on that. Will surely show u sometime :)

    Great blog btw!

  2. Very true Biju ... people dont like to see them, just ignore, its like they are "invisible". Our movies are stereotyped showing all the glamour, money, the rich .. all the good stuff .. and people see it again and again ....

    That's were slumdog reminds us ... we have slumdogs and slumdogs are created everyday !!! What else will you justify, why such a film had to made by an forigner ????? People dont see it ! If its in movies, its "invisible" there too :D