tattoos chocolates and roses (Red Yellow Green)

Happiness... or happYness.
ultimately that's what we all want from this life. or 'afterlife'.

that selfish edge of us. We buy clothes, eat ice cream, be with our friends, watch movies, bunk classes ... we want to be happy at the end. The act of doing anything have an unwritten goal, happYness. Sometimes it's direct and sometimes it's not.

examples? we do good, help poor people so that THEY become happy. and we say their happiness is our happiness. We pray. we keep faith in religion and be a good man/woman so that we'll be in heaven at the end. we'll be HAPPY in heaven.

whatever it is, those were some random thoughts. Back to the reason for this post.

I saw some kids.

I was in VileParle, on my way to IIT. Standing at the busy signal, waiting for an auto. Each time, the signal turned Red, a number of street kids ran into the blocked sea of vehicles... plastic toys, balloons, window cleaners!

She was so small, as in, very small. May be 5yrs or so. and she had a bunch of red roses! Those were pretty. and she moved from one car window to another.

Red Signal.
Red roses.

As if the signal was to indicate "it's time to sell your roses". The signal turned Green. No more Roses. She came back. She was waiting at the footpath. I didn't feel like calling for an auto. Instead, I took out my camera and was about to click. (Selfish I am, that poor kid is losing her childhood and i'm clicking a "nice pic man",... sad!). ya i was about to click.

all of a sudden, Someone just appeared from nowhere! took the rosebuds from her, took her hand and disappeared into the crowd! May be he has to report to his higher officer in the begger's chain! duh!

I decided to stand there for a while (of course, I had to keep my camera back into the bag). Once more the signal turned RED, kids ran to sell/beg. GREEN. and they're back.

One small kid came back to the footpath where i was standing, followed by an even smaller girl (2yrs?) holding his hand. He had a few coins in his other hand. collection from the last red-signal. He told the little girl: "sit here, I'll get you some chocolates" and disappeared into the crowd in front of the sweet shop.

Love, Happiness !

The means of self expression. something that makes you special, different from other human beings who all look alike with same number of limbs, eyes, ears! But still, when you wear a tattoo, you're JUST different... not handicapped.

I found one little boy, who was happy... really really happy. about his self expression. He was so happy to show his self-expressed hand (the entire hand) to his friends. Holding the long empty sheet of sticker-tattoos in the other hand.

But this time, i was already in the auto. But still managed to take a memorabilia of HIS happiness. which inturn, becomes MY happiness.

Tattoos, Chocolates and Roses (Red Yellow Green) Your Happiness my happiness our happiness!

PS: the first traffic light pic is NOT clicked by me


  1. It's great that you are writing about the street children. Its the first step we can take after observing something that moves us. Either you let that feeling go or you acknowledge it. Glad you did :)

  2. the way you talked abt happiness.. couldn't agree more :)

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