first day first show

Well.. not first show.. call it a matinee on the first day.

That was a totally unexpected trip in the evening. We had to have a look at the cladding materials for our new office in Kalina and were on our way from Worli.
Wah!.. we actually had a reason to use that bridge that day!!. (Well I wouldn't have written this line unless I had a look at the bumper-to-bumper traffic on the bridge yesterday)
Seemed like every one in this huge city wanted to have a ride on the new bridge. First day first show :) Every one wanted to have a piece of the cake; still or moving!.
It was drizzling.. and the sky was cloudy.. adding a special mood to the drive.
"Now this bridge looks like some 'firang' who just came to India.. ."
-- that was Utpal, Creative Director from '(water strategy+design'. (I work there.)
"... and you see.. even this bridge will become one among us... just wait for the "Ganpati Visarjans"
true!!.. absolutely!!..
Only half of the lanes were open and the rest of the construction was still going on. Massive scaffolding and huge cranes stood tall. Iron giants!
Workers proudly stood at the side of the road looking at the sea of traffic on the bridge they just built! The joy was actually written all over their face!
And it was great, looking at the suspension cables from the three different spans creating patters as we moved along the road. Well, this time, the traffic was very slow... as in dead slow. As I told you earlier, the whole Mumbai city was there on the bridge that day!. We had to stop our car untill the ones behind us "honked @#$@#" to get a good view of the bridge.
I'm sure It will be a visual treat if you just dash along the bridge on a dark night when these cables are all lit.. whoa! what an awesome view it will be.. when you look at the beautiful Mumbai skyline with this engineering marvel in the foreground.
Hey, wait a second. I had a silly-stupid doubt yesterday. What are those cables for?(if you're gonna talk about physics, forget it. I'm not talking about that... ) well, of course, those cable sturcture is the one which makes it a landmark!. And it looks beautiful too. But my silly-stupid doubt was... "was it really necessary to have that much of a span there?" Or they were just trying to MAKE a landmark? To be frank, I don't care.. this one LOOKS good at least. (I'm not getting started with those ugly 'fly-over' constructions with no attention to detail or design.. duh!)
Attention to detail!. oh no!. look at those signages you'll understand (if you go close enough to read them) Felt really sad to look at those poor typography and stupid use of colors. (oh ya, I don't have a pic here, but there was a signage written in WHITE on YELLOW.. how about that?)
Well.. the trip was awesome!.. we enjoyed the bridge..
and now..
back to Mumbai....



  1. Nice! The post even comes at a very good time. Now that I'll be leaving this huge hunk of sticky crowded mass of speeding blur (Mumbai) for good in less than a week, I was kinda sad I could not visit this bridge.

    I'm happy now :)

  2. N'eYYan,. thanks for the blog ,.
    Amazing to go through the blog,.
    look like india become international,.